Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Stunt Car Extreme mod apk

Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – Enjoy dangerous and challenging roads in your favorite car in the Stunt Car Extreme game.

There is no shortage of racing car games online, and one popular name is Stunt Car Extreme. Unlike other games where you race cars along a flat road, in this game, you will have to maneuver your car on dangerous and challenging roads.

Stunt Car Extreme is the ultimate stunt car racing game by Hyperkani. The game features various tracks offering extreme challenge and risk. There are different levels such as hard trial levels, easy levels, and even jump ramps.

The cars featured in the game are customizable. You can customize the paint job, tires, torque, and more. The selection has various cars – from classics to sports cars and modern muscle cars. With Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK, you can enjoy all these features for free.

Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK Features

  • Premium unlocked
  • Unlimited money and gems
  • All features unlocked
  • Access to all levels
  • Unlocked racing tracks
  • Car customization features unlocked
  • All cars unlocked

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stunt car extreme mod apk (unlimited money and gems)

Key Features of Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK Unlimited Money

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK.

Extreme Stunts

Perform stunts on some of the most dangerous and daunting tracks. Stunt Car Extreme has some of the best and most exhilarating tracks where you need to perform stunts with precision. Only racers with skills can pass through these tracks.

All Cars Unlocked

Stunt Car Extreme features a collection of cars. You can choose from classics to muscle cars and supercars. All call models are available for free, even super rare models. You can drift and perform stunts in your favorite car without spending any money.

download stunt car extreme mod apk

Access All Tracks

Perform stunts on any track you desire, irrespective of your skill level. There are plenty of tracks in the MOD version, each with a different difficulty level. With so many tracks accessible, you will not get bored with the game.

The main tracks are great for entertainment and practice, while the bonus tracks are more extreme. There are also speed challenges, jump racks, and hard roads to conquer.

stunt car extreme mod apk unlocked everything

Free Car Inventory

Modify your cars for stunts with different features and items. The hacked version gives you full access to the car inventory for free. Boost your car’s engine, change tires, and do other mods without spending money or waiting to pass levels.

Hidden Features

The hidden features add excitement and adventure to the game. There are various secret car keys scattered throughout the tracks. You can collect these keys to unlock special vehicles, such as monster trucks. This feature encourages players to explore the tracks during races.

Different Game Modes

Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK has different game modes that keep the players entertained. There are Daily Challenges that pit players against other players in real time.

You can also take part in Cups mode, where players race against three opponents on three different tracks, adding strategy to the gameplay. Last but not least, the Endless Adventure mode takes players through an infinite array of stunt missions and hard levels.

stunt car extreme mod apk download

How to Download Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK

  • Click on the download link on this page and download the APK file for Stunt Car Extreme.
  • On your Android smartphone, go to Settings.
  • Click on the Security Section.
  • Enable “download apps from unknown sources.”
  • Now click on the APK downloaded file and proceed to install.
  • Once the installation is complete, open the app and get ready to undertake stunts on challenging roads.

Is Stunt Car Extreme APK Safe?

Yes, the Stunt Car Extreme APK file on this page is safe to use. The file has no malware or viruses associated with it. We have checked the APK file by downloading it on multiple devices including Android phones, and tablets to make sure it is perfectly safe to use.

In regards to safety, don’t worry about it. The Stunt Car Extreme MOD app will not harm your device in any way and is perfectly safe to use. The Modified version on this page is free to download and you don’t have to pay for premium features or car modifications.


Stunt Car Extreme is a popular racing game that blends stunt racing with classic cars and hidden features. It offers one-of-a-kind racing entertainment for mobile users. Race your favorite cars on adrenaline-pumping tracks and professional players.

Download Stunt Car Extreme MOD APK and enjoy unlimited money and gems to modify your cars, and unlock premium racing tracks.

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